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Thanks for checking out my blog on Phillis Wheatley's trip to London in 1773! I'm assuming you have clicked on my blog as a fan of 18th century history, alike myself! I have created this blog to spread awareness of Wheatley's legacy and to diversify who comes to mind when thinking of the late 18th century. Wheatley had nearly every obstacle in her way as an enslaved child but achieved international fame due to her poetry and genius. I specifically choose this time as it was a high point in her life where I feel she was honored in a way she deserved for her contributions to poetry. I want to celebrate her legacy by portraying the influential people she either directly or indirectly met while traveling to London in 1773. To be clear, this website is not representative of her entire life and just a starting point for learning about Wheatley for fellow history fans!  


The page aims to be a factual source of information based on Wheatley and her contemporaries' own writings. I have included links to my sources or the books they are from are referenced!  


I am sure fellow history fans of the 18th century (we have a lot of fields covered from founding fathers, enlightenment figures, women authors, black authors and artists, and religious history) will find this engaging and learn about Wheatley! 

Made by Haley Jensen- final year history student at the University of Bristol

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